Hello Lebanese Cucumber Cups! – a healthy tasty bite sized appetizer

Hello Lebanese Cucumber Cups! – a healthy tasty bite sized appetizer

Lebanese Cucumber Cups are a healthy tasty bite sized appetizer.  If you have a melon baller at home, then this is an easy peasy recipe to create.

I had never tried or even heard of Lebanese cucumbers until I moved to Australia.  Coming from the UK, I was only familiar with the regular continental cucumber variety.

Physically, Lebanese cucumbers are shorter, slightly thicker and have a smoother thin skin.  I can’t personally tell a difference in taste between Lebanese and continental cucumbers but I understand they are supposed to be slightly sweeter.

Let’s raise a glass and say cheers with little cute ickle Lebanese cucumber cups! xXx

To make my Lebanese Cucumber Cups, you will need:-

• 2 Lebanese Cucumbers
• Tin of tuna
• 1 Avocado
• 1 Lemon
• Handful of cherry tomatoes
• Salt and Pepper
• Parsley


1. Suggested filling – mashed avocado with tuna and squeezed lemon juice with salt and pepper to taste
2. Chop the ends off the cucumbers and cut cucumbers into thick slices
3. Use a melon baller to scoop out the middle of the flesh from the cucumber
4. Stuff cucumber with your choice of filling
5. Sprinkle with parsley and decorate with cherry tomatoes

Et Voila Lebanese Cucumber Cups!

Until next time – stay happy and healthy!

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