My secret to eating clean and losing fat – An article about food prepping

My secret to eating clean and losing fat – An article about food prepping

Hello Fit Friends!

We all know that the secret to getting into the best shape of our lives is not simply by exercise alone. Essentially what goes into your mouth is way more important.

Let me tell you a secret…I have been food prepping since July last year and I have never looked back.

It was Benjamin Franklin that said over 200 years ago

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Perhaps he was a secret food prepper too?

For those that are not familiar with food prepping, all this means is that I buy a huge amount of food at the weekend, cook it all in one go, package them all into individual portions and freeze them until it is time to eat. It’s just like having my own personal range of microwaveable clean eating meals.

My usual routine on the weekend is to don on a huge rucksack and trot down to Paddy’s Market in Sydney with Mr BMGA in tow to buy as much veggies and fruit as we can humanly carry.

This weekly trip to the market works very well for two reasons:-

  • Neither myself or Mr BMGA have to worry about what to buy for lunch for the next working week; and
  • I get an extra calorie burn hiking back with heavy vegetables. For friends who are tracking the exercise progress of BakingMadGymAddict on MyFitnessPal, I do not have a 15lb infant – just a 15lb heavy load of sweet potato, chicken and zucchini!

I know some true food preppers who will prep breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks. I personally don’t feel like I need to do this as I eat fairly healthily in the morning (I’m still working my way through the 10lb of Oatmeal I purchased from Costco the other day). As for our evening meal, as long as there is fish, chicken, steak, eggs or veggies in the fridge, this gives us a wee bit of freedom and flexibility to rustle up something tasty to eat after work.

Any fitness expert will tell you that your diet is definitely more vital than training when it comes to sculpting your dream body. You may have heard statistics that how you look is only 30% made up from exercise but a huge 70% is made up from diet. There is also of course the old adage of Abs being made in the kitchen and not in the gym. My personal experience of food prepping is that that for me, it has been one of many helpful tools in contributing to a cleaner and healthier eating lifestyle.


  • I save money buying in bulk. Each lunch box containing chicken, sweet potato and zucchini works out at roughly $3
  • As the food is pretty much ready to eat, I don’t get tempted as much to eat badly at lunchtimes.
  • I get an extra calorie burn from carrying the veggies back and spending 2-3 hours food prepping at the weekend.
  • I get extra love from Mr BMGA for making his lunches every day (which I can cash in for his special dish washing tokens).
  • I personally find it quite relaxing to stick on some music or have youtube videos playing in the background whilst I am food prepping.


  • It takes a chunk of time out of your weekend (but saves time during the week).
  • Some may complain that they do not like eating the same thing every lunchtime (Mr BMGA and I personally do not have a problem with this as we generally like plain and simple food for lunch).

Until next time – stay happy and healthy!

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One of my weekend grocery hauls

One of my weekend grocery hauls

Food Prep 2

Roast the chicken, boil and mash the sweet potatoes and steam the green veggies


Food Prep 3

Measure the portions of food and arrange into tupperware

Food Prep 4

Et voila! Lunches done for the next working week!

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