Hello Heart Shaped Eggs – with step by step video tutorial


Are you looking for a way to jazz up the humble egg?  Well look no further and feast your eyes on this low calorie protein packed snack! Eggs are a great source of protein because they contain many essential amino acids.  We already know that protein is required by the body for the growth, maintenance and repair of lean muscles.  ... Read More »

Hello Banana Protein Pancakes! – a delicious way to start your day


Hello my darling Fit Friends!  This recipe is a doddle to make however, the execution of flipping the pancakes can be slightly pernickety (persnickety?).  I’d rather tell you now rather than promising the world and leaving you disappointed… The batter is very thin and so the trick is to have a really good non-stick pan and patience.  Pouring the pancake ... Read More »

Hello Breakfast Trifle! – a breakfast fit for a Queen


Like most people living in Australia today, I am blessed with a day off from work because of the public holiday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. My gorgeous friends at Party of 11 put together an excellent breakfast menu idea on their blog today to celebrate Her Majesty’s big day. Part of their breakfast menu included a suggestion to use ... Read More »

Hello Green Eggs and Ham! – a Dr Seuss breakfast idea


I woke up this morning feeling a tad mischievous so I crept into the kitchen whilst my husband was still fast asleep and decided to surprise him with a crazy looking breakfast. There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous sometimes…  don’t you agree? To make my green egg recipe, you will need:- 2 eggs (yolks separated) 1 ... Read More »

Hello No-Pasta Chicken Lasagna! – No pasta? No problem.


The clever thing about this recipe is that it is essentially just chicken, vegetables and nuts! It does take a bit of preparation.  For a start, you need to soak some cashew nuts overnight.  If time is not on your side, you could try just substituting the cashews for extra cottage cheese. Once you have prepped your separate layers, it ... Read More »

Hello Chicken Soup for the Soul! – served in a bread bowl


It is winter here in Australia which means flu season has arrived.  If you know someone who has been unfortunate enough to catch a cold, why not make them my “Chicken soup for the soul” recipe? Chicken soup has historically been used as a home remedy to cure the common cold.  I am not promising that this recipe will cure ... Read More »

Hello Rainbow Fruit Skewers! – eat the rainbow

The perfect colourful happy snack. Just thread small pieces of strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and red grapes into wooden skewers. Et Voila Rainbow Fruit Skewers! xXx   Until next time – stay happy and healthy! Please remember to ‘LIKE’ my Facebook Page The Baking Mad Gym Addict for future recipes. xXx Read More »

Hello Chocolate Banana Protein Pops!

Sweet, satisfying and oh so cute.  Store in freezer and eat when you need to banish a sweet craving! To make my chocolate banana protein pops, you will need:- One bar of Lindt chocolate (dark 70% cocoa) ¼ cup (30g) vanilla protein powder One mashed banana Rubber chocolate mould tray/Ice cube tray Goji berries (optional) Method            1. Place broken chocolate ... Read More »

Hello Banana Protein Fudge! – a sweet muscle building treat

Do you like fudge?  I love fudge!  Soft, sweet rich and fabulous fudge is usually made by mixing sugar, butter and milk. This recipe is jam packed with protein. Bear in mind that all food should be taken in moderation and given the high amount of protein powder in this particular recipe, I urge you to exercise mindfulness when treating ... Read More »

Hello Watermelon Cake! – healthy birthday cake recipe

Aloha Fit Friends!  Exactly 2 months ago today, I received my first LIKE on my Facebook page.  I remember doing the biggest happy dance ever when I received my first LIKE because I L-O-V-E connecting, sharing ideas and motivating my fellow Fit Friends.  At the end of the day I just want to help others however I can and to ... Read More »

Hello Almond Butter Blocks! – The best almond butter recipe ever

My dearest Fit Friends…I present to you my greatest triumph yet!  This is THE yummiest almond butter recipe ever!  I swear. Melt-in-the-mouth puffs of almondy buttery goodness…nom nom nom!!! Enjoy the decadence… To make my almond butter blocks, you will need:- 2 teaspoons of agave nectar ¼ cup melted almond butter ½ cup melted coconut oil 1 cup puffed millet Unsweetened ... Read More »

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